Practical Information

The "Main House" entrance and the "Long House"

Your Accommodation

Haa Retreat Center includes several buildings with gardens and farms in the village of Haa. In the Main House, the Long House and the Rose House, there are single rooms and double rooms with or without private bathrooms, as well as a dormitory room with good access to toilets and showers.

"Hill House"

Hill House

"River House"

and River House are annexes, with additional rooms and facilities.

Laya with the horse "Turbo"

Oakhill is a farm with accommodation for yoga teachers, yoga teacher aspirants and others who live in the ashram. Kriya Kutir is also situated here, a house with a meditation hall, student rooms and research facilities.

Our organic farming is run from Oakhill, and the horse stables are situated here.

The farm, Knappsholm, is close by with fields and forest.

We allocate the rooms according to the group’s composition and the participants’ gender and age.


If you wish to reserve a single room or a double room together with a partner, it should be specified (see the application form). Bed sheets (quilt, pillow and sheets) and towels can also be hired, or you are welcome to bring your own.

The Food

We serve vegetarian food, based on organically grown vegetables, most of it from our own fields.

For ten days after the intestinal cleansing, we follow a diet without milk, sugar, spices, raw vegetables and fruit. The food is healthy and nutritious, selected to make up a balanced diet.

The dining hall

Throughout the course we avoid stimulants, such as coffee, chocolate, black tea and alcohol. If you drink coffee or tea daily, then we recommend that you leave these out of your diet in the days prior to your course, so that you avoid withdrawal symptoms at the beginning of the course.

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to get something out of yoga, but it creates an optimal state and the diet is therefore a con­dition of the course.

In addition to other benefits, scientists have found that this diet considerably helps to decrease the content of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

Regardless of what you eat when you return home, you will benefit from the yoga you have learned here.

The kitchen in the main house

Children on the course

If space is available and if there is someone here at the time who can take care of the children, you are welcome to bring your child for half the full course fee. We look after the children during the classes and in the karma yoga periods. Contact us before­hand if you wish to bring your child. If you really want to go deep, however, it is best to come alone. Especially on the following courses: the Kriya Yoga, Prana Vidya and Three-month courses as well as the weekend intensives.

Children on the horse "Obelisk" at "Oakhill"

Oakhill, the residential house for the people living at the course center.

The Language

The courses are international. The language is English, supplemented with Danish or Swedish. Inform us of your language needs on the application form and also when you arrive at Haa. If there is something you are in doubt about, don’t hesitate to contact us beforehand. When on the course, please tell your teacher if there is anything you do not understand due to the language.

the common room seen from the meditation hall

Travel to and from Haa

Haa Retreat Center is situated in southern Sweden, 25 km from Almhult, the nearest railway station. Haa is 125 km from Helsingborg. The nearest International airport is in Copenhagen, Denmark, with connecting trains to Almhult taking 2 hours.

Travelling from the UK : By air there is a frequent route to Copenhagen International Airport (CPH). A low-fare alternative is to fly with Ryan Air from Stansted or Gothenburg City (GSE) in Goteborg, 2½ hours from the Course Center - or to Sturup (Malmo) in Sweden, 1½ hours from the Course Center. There are boats from Felixstowe and Newcastle to Gothenburg, and connecting trains to Almhult and Varnamo. Eurolines bus (cheap) runs through Germany and Denmark and passes near the school.

Please arrange you travel details so they fit with the arrival time and end of the retreat:

The longer courses (10 days or more) start in the evening on the day of arrival. The Center is open from 4 pm, but please come no later than 6 pm.

The longer courses end at 1 pm on the day of departure.

To the chakra weekend course please arrive no later than 5.20 pm Friday. This course ends at 4.30 pm on Sunday.

Important instructions are given in the final session on the last day of every course. When you enrol please make sure that you can stay the whole period, without interruptions.

Feel free to contact us for an update on the travel information and click here for a map and more travel details.

shop Common room

This text was published in the Finnish travel magazine Mondo:

"Haa Retreat Center, the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School in South Sweden, is perhaps the best place in Europe to learn yoga, i.e. the asanas, breathing exercises and meditation, in a profound way. The retreats are suitable for both beginners and experienced, but are not for the lazy: the program starts early in the morning and continues late into the evening, although, with appropriate breaks. In the sauna there is a Finnish sauna stove, and the vegetarian food is really good.”
- Jorma Rusanen, Chairman of the Finnish Yoga Federation.

For us to be able to carry out our retreats at the high level that we are known for and as described in the quote above, it is important that you, as a participant, have read our course conditions before you enrol:

Conditions of Participation

We conduct, not just a course, but a retreat in the true sense of the word. You are able to take a break from the usual influences and impressions. Thus your stay here is more of a real holiday for your body and mind than many holidays where tourists gather. Of course this doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with daily life and its influences, but it is fruitful to really take a break to gain perspective - and some peace to do what you have come for.

Therefore before you enrol, we ask you to read this brochure / website thoroughly so you are aware of the conditions of the course and are prepared to accept the following:

  • You are required to attend all classes at the scheduled times and follow the instructions of the teachers.
  • Do not use your car at any time.
  • We regard leaving the surroundings equal to leaving the course.
  • Please observe the silence as stated earlier in this brochure.
  • Only eat the food served by the school and only in the dining hall.
  • Do not smoke on the school’s premises, neither indoors nor outdoors. If you must smoke, then take a walk alone and do not influence others who might want to stop smoking, neither by smell nor by sight.
  • During the Kriya Yoga course, the 3-month course and the Prana Vidya course smoking is not allowed at all.
  • Do not use products containing perfume on the skin or for the hair. The smell can be distracting especially in the yoga hall and affect allergy sufferers. We sell affordable alternatives if you need them.
  • To enhance your course experience, please tell relatives and friends that you don´t want to receive any correspondence, that it is not possible to phone or visit you dur­ing the course ‑ nor will you contact them except in case of an emergency.
  • Don’t use any techniques (meditations, therapies, massage, astrology, tarot etc.) while you are here other than what you learn on the course - neither alone, nor together with others. And for the sake of your knees, do not jog during the retreat.
  • Leave your mobile phone, music player, computer, eReader, iPad and other electronic equipment at home, or deposit such items in our office upon arrival.
  • Please, do not bring a lot of books or magazines along either. Then we, as your teachers, can ensure that you get the intended effect - and it will be easier for you to acquire what you came for.

The school reserves the right to dismiss any student without reimbursement. This should be seen in the context of the conditions detailed in our brochure / web-information.

The "Rose House" in the garden

The Rose House

Enrolment and Payment

Reserve a place in good time. Courses often fill quickly.

In the event of a course being fully booked, we can: a. place you on a waiting list. b. place you on another course here in Haa. or c. refund your deposit.

Your enrolment is only valid when:

1) We have received your fully completed enrolment form. And

2) Your deposit has been registered on Haa Retreat Center's Swedish IBAN bank account. (This also applies if you want to remain on the waiting list of a fully booked course.)

Should you decide to cancel your course booking after we have received it and confirmed your place on the course, your deposit will not be refunded.

Please pay the balance of your fees no later than two weeks before the start of the course. And please bring your receipt.

If you enrol too late to send payment, please pay your fees in cash in Swedish Crowns on arrival or pay with Visa or MasterCard. (We are working on on-line credit card payments also, but it is not yet ready).

For the 3‑month course there are certain conditions.

The fees include accomodation and meals. Extra costs are a plastic netipot and a string of 108 beads for meditation. If you have these already bring them with you. Otherwise you can buy them at Håå.

Should you leave the course at any stage, no fees are re­fundable, regardless of your reasons for departure.

These conditions are to ensure that you will be on the course with people, who have also made a commitment to participate fully and absorb what we teach.

In the forrest

Do not persuade others... come with you on the course, not even your partner, unless they themselves are completely motivated to participate. Come for your own sake.

No matter what your reasons are, do not come out of curiosity, just to see what happens here. Come because you want to discover and work with yourself.

“I went to India to learn more about yoga and travelled to various ashrams down there, but the yoga teaching I found was superficial. Nowhere did I meet the intensive and deep reaching process that one takes part in on your courses.” (Student from Sweden)

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