Intestinal cleansing

Jan 19, 2024

Håå Retreat Center
Full price
93 €
25 years or younger (50% discount)
47 €
Student (20% discount)
74 €
Unemployed (20% discount)
74 €
Retired (20% discount)
74 €
Weekend retreat participant (20% discount)
74 €
EUR prices may change based on current exchange rates. Payments are processed in SEK.


The intestinal cleansing starts at 07:15 am and most people finish around noon. You can arrive already the night before if you like - accommodation is free of charge.

In order to facilitate the cleansing process, do not eat anything after 2 p.m. the day before the cleansing. Skip your evening meal, but feel free to drink herbal tea, juice or similar. We serve fruit and tea for those who arrive the night before.

Full description of the intestinal cleansing