Retreats with yoga and meditation

At Haa International Course Center in southern Sweden, we have long experience in conducting deep retreats

Ongoing Retreats

We have 10- or 14-day yoga retreats with in-depth teachings in classical yoga, tantric relaxation and meditation.
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3-Month Sadhana Course January – April

The 3-Month Sadhana Retreat is a transforming process that springs from our knowledge and experience of the finest methods of yoga: Kriya Yoga, Inner Silence, Returning®,Chidakash Dharana, Prana Vidya, Chaya Upasana and more.

From the end of January until the end of April, Swami Janakananda together with Ma Sita Savitri and other teachers from the center instruct 35 participants from different parts of the world in yoga and meditation on the annual 3-Month Sadhana retreat.

In the towns of South Sweden

Once-a-week yoga courses in English

A yoga retreat at Haa Course Center is unique in content and intensity.

Our programmes are designed for those who want to experience the strength of yoga and tantric meditation.

People come from all over the world, to discover themselves and their potential under the best possible circumstances.

You are welcome to participate without any prior experience, in most of our courses.
However to participate on a 1-month summer retreat in Kriya Yoga and a 14-day retreat in Prana Vidya , you need to have taken part in a 10 or 14-day course and also practised Ajapa Japa (or Kriya Yoga) on your own.

Read all the information on the yoga retreats and on Haa International Course Center before you enrol.

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Short and fundamental introduction to yoga and meditation >>

These webpages are constantly being updated, they contain more text and considerable more pictures than you find in the printed brochure. And of course you can print the different chapters out directly on your printer. However, if you prefer to read this description in the original brochure, then download it as a Adobe Acrobat PDF-file and print it or ask us to send it by mail.

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See more pictures on the following pages.

Please read the following articles before enroling:


Where do you find us?

Awareness and Experience

Body, Mind, Energy and Consciousness

Practical Information

Further information on yoga and meditation, activities, the magazine Bindu, articles and literature, cd's, nose cleansing pot and more; see below or the blue menu bar above.

Yoga and meditation in eight parts

Short and fundamental introduction to yoga and meditation >>

Swami Janakananda's classical book on yoga and meditation

Swami Janakananda: Yoga, Tantra and Meditation in Daily Life

"Greetings Janakananda

I just read your wonderful book on Yoga and Tantra.

The presentation of the information is so clear, straight forward and unpretentious.

I am amazed at how effective some of these methods of meditation are.

The simple act of sitting motionless and experiencing the body, breath and mind is very powerful.

I have worked out my little morning routine of yoga, some breathing and some quiet meditation. It is so refreshing and makes my entire day wonderful.

I have reccomended this book to many friends beginers as well as more experienced practitioners because it serves as a good introduction and a refresher for those who have practiced for quite awhile.

I wish this would have been the first exposure I had to this tradition.I would have wasted a lot less time.

All the best – Malcolm, California, USA" August 2008

Swami Janakananda Saraswati: Yoga, Tantra and Meditation in Daily Life, 128 pages, more than 200 photos and illustrations. Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser, ISBN: 0877287686. Read more about Swami Janakananda's book >> and order this book on yoga and meditation here >>

Swami Janakananda's programme

Swami Janakananda

Read more about Swami Janakananda's programme: >>satsangs, lectures, retreats around the world and the annual 3-month sadhana retreat at Haa International Course Center.

Experience Yoga Nidra deep relaxation on CD

A total experience – a complete relaxation that touches and awakens all parts of your being.

Swami Janakananda CD: Experience Yoga Nidra - Remastered

Yoga Nidra is easy to use, and unique in its depth and extent

Yoga Nidra and Nyasa Tantra, read about the original tradition

The CD contains two relaxations, a long and a short Yoga Nidra. They are guided by Swami Janakananda , accompanied by the master of sitar Roop Verma with a special music that he has brought to light from the Indian Nada Yoga tradition.

Yoga Nidra in this original form, supplemented with the Nada Yoga music, is by far one of the most effective relaxations

Available in English, German, Danish or Swedish. Read more about the CD Experience Yoga Nidra >> and order it here >>

Yogi's NoseBuddy

NoseBuddy blue and purple

The ultimate neti pot!

A nose cleansing pot made from light, durable and environmentally- friendly plastic. Now also available in purple. NoseBuddy's large volume (0.5 litre) and long curved spout make it easy to clean even a congested nose. Measuring spoon for salt is included, ensuring the correct salt content every time. Read more about Yogi's Nosebuddy >> and buy it in our Web shop >>

The magazine Bindu

Bindu 30

The periodical on yoga, tantra and meditation

Take a look at our pages from the magazine Bindu >> You will find articles on: yoga poses, breathing exercises, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), Kriya Yoga, yoga teacher training and much more.

Professional yoga and meditation teachers

Our yoga teacher training is a well-established four year full-time training, received in an ashram environment. Another two years are required to become a meditation teacher. We base the schooling of our teachers on human contact, tradition, ones own experience and modern science.

To be able to work well with others, a profound self-knowledge is necessary – that is why our education is more than a few courses, consisting of only occasional meetings. This is consistent with the authentic tradition, a full-time training which takes its starting-point in the daily life of the ashram - a way of living that you devote yourself to, for a period of your life.

The yoga teacher training starts with participation in the annual 3-Month Sadhana Retreat at Haa Course Center. Following the course, those interested in receiving this thorough training usually start at Haa, and may move to one of the other schools at a later date.

Read more about the yoga and meditation training, or contact us.

The teachers who have done the yoga teacher training receive a certificate.

Only schools which you find in these pages, are approved by us – in accordance with our guidelines for presentation, education and teaching.

Retreat Schedule - Dates, Prices and Teachers

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