Retreats with yoga and meditation

Introduction and current retreats

Current Retreats

All-year Schedule - Retreats with yoga and meditation!

10- or 14-day Yoga retreats

Retreats from May till January with in-depth teachings in yoga and meditation.

3-Month Sadhana Retreat

From the end of January till the end of April, Swami Janakananda and Swami Ma Sita Savitri guide 35 participants from different parts of the world on the annual 3-Month Sadhana retreat.

Short retreats

3 days - and 5 days weekends

In the towns of South Sweden

Once-a-week yoga courses in English

A yoga retreat at Haa Course Center, in south Sweden, is unique in content and intensity. We have long experience in conducting deep retreats.

Our programmes are designed for those who want to experience the strength and depth of yoga and tantric meditation.

People come from all over the world, to discover themselves and their potential under the best possible circumstances.

You are welcome to participate without any prior experience, in most of our courses.

Read all the information on the retreats, the yoga and meditation we teach and on Haa International Course Center, before you enrol.

Follow the link below - or click on Haa International Course Center in the main top menu and then follow the sub menu.

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Short introduction to yoga and meditation

Retreat Schedule - Dates, Prices and Teachers

At the River View By the lake Meditation in the yoga hall Walking Yoni mudra Winter joy In the forrest
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