Travel - Arrival - Departure

Where do you find us?

In Småland in South Sweden!
Haa Retreat Center is situated between the towns of Ljungby and Älmhult.

Håå Kursgård
SE-341 75 Hamneda
[email protected]
+46 372 55063

Arrival and departure times

Long retreats (10 days and up)
Arrival first day: 4 pm - 6 pm
Departure last day: 1 pm

Weekend and 5 day retreats
Arrival first day: 4 pm - 5:30 pm
Departure last day: 4:30 pm

Please plan your journey so that you can arrive on time the first day and stay until the very end. Important instructions are given in the first and last sessions of all retreats.

Make sure that you can stay the whole retreat period, without interruptions.

The journey to and from Håå

By air

The closest major airport is Copenhagen Airport (CPH).

The journey by train from Copenhagen Airport to Älmhult takes around 2 hours (2½ hours from Copenhagen central station).


The closest train station is in Älmhult, around 25 km from the retreat center.

On the last day, make sure to have at least 45 minutes to get to the train station (e.g. if the retreat ends at 1 pm, book train tickets for 1:45 pm or later).

Book train tickets through SJ or Deutsche Bahn.

Long-distance bus

Flixbus departs from all over Europe and passes the town of Ljungby near the school.

Pick up

We can pick you up at Älmhult train station or Ljungby bus station, for a fee of 200 SEK.
The ride to Haa (Hå) takes around 30 minutes.

Local bus

You can also get to Hå from Älmhult or Ljungby using the local bus (line 148).
The bus runs Monday - Friday, on days when the public schools are open (i.e. not during the summer and winter holidays).

Check Länstrafiken Kronoberg to see if the local bus is running.


Driving to Håå Retreat Center takes around 5 hours from Stockholm and 2½ hours from Gothenburg.

The nearest small community is Hamneda, just off the E4. Get off the E4 at exit 78, drive through Hamneda, then right towards Pjätteryd. Hå is located around 5 km outside Hamneda, on the way to Pjätteryd.


The closest ferry ports are in Malmö and Trelleborg, both approximately 2 hours from Hå, with connections from Rostock and Travemünde in Germany.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.