Teachers at Haa Retreat Center

Swami Ma Sita Savitri Saraswati

Is originally from Iceland where she studied linguistics at the University of Reykjavik. Spontaneous experiences in her youth introduced her to the mystical path and she began searching for someone who could teach her genuine meditation. During her studies she practised yoga, but it was not until she moved to Denmark in 1982 that she found what she had been looking for. She attended courses at the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School and Swami Janakananda´s teaching.

Through the years Swami Ma Sita has been active as a teacher at the school´s different departments in Scandinavia. In 1991 she moved to Haa Retreat Center, where she teaches yoga and meditation, is in charge of the yoga teacher education and the distribution of the titles of Bindu Publishers – and takes part in the management of the retreat center.
Besides extensive teaching in the retreats and the yoga teacher training, there are above all three areas Swami Ma Sita has explored in depth; Prana Vidya, Kirtan and together with Swami Janakananda she teaches Kriya Yoga on the 1- and 3-month sadhana retreats.


Mirais the leader of Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School in Stockholm. She was born and raised on the west coast of Sweden. She started her training at the school in Copenhagen, where she lived for five years. During the summers of this period, she was the driving force behind the organic farming at Haa Retreat Center.

In 1987 Mira began to teach at the school in Stockholm. Besides giving daily courses in yoga and meditation at the school, she teaches regularly for companies and at health resorts. Mira writes and translates for the magazine Bindu.

Wini Hald

comes from Denmark, where she in 1974 began attending yoga classes with Swami Janakananda. She participated, in 1976, in the 3-month course in Haa, after which she joined the yoga teacher education, and lived in the ashram in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Aarhus 1976-83. She has since then taught in various cities in Denmark in collaboration with evening schools.

Wini was previously a singer in Our Lady’s Church choir in Aarhus and studied music theory. She accompanies sitar master Roop Verma, on Tambura, in concerts and Nada yoga seminars.

Burkhard Miller

was born and raised in southern Germany. For over 20 years he was an orthopedic shoe-maker, practising Karate in his free-time. In 1992 he came across the brochure from Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School. The question “Do you want to go deeper?” lighted the spark that led him to participate in his first 3-Month-Course.

After that Burkhard participated in and worked behind many Haa-retreats, until he, in 2012, finally decided to move to Haa and to take part in the Yoga and Meditation teacher training. In 2018 he will start teaching in Germany.

Vasistha Jyoti

was born in Sri Lanka and raised in Scotland. Having practised meditation from a young age and experiencing some benefits, he had a keen interest in continuing the quest to discover himself. Yoga became a part of his everyday life and when he heard about the in-depth training you can get at Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School, he turned his sights towards the three month course.

A year later Vasistha Jyoti came back to live at the ashram of Haa Retreat Center and be part of the yoga teacher training. He now undergoes a meditation teacher training at our school in Copenhagen.


is from Gothenburg, Sweden. He first came into contact with yoga as a teenager, when he attended an evening course with Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School. He found himself amazed by the effect it had on his life and his creative capacities, and for a few years he worked intensively with art, using yoga and meditation as an aid. However, his desire to share yoga with others grew stronger, and he chose to join the yoga teacher education in Haa.

Shantiram is now living and working at the course center, taking care of computer administration, web design and beekeeping. He teaches in several towns in southern Sweden.

Mariana Elvang

Mariana Elvang grew up at the Black Sea in Romania. She has lived in Denmark where she in 2003 met Swami Janakananda during a Satsang. This made a strong impression on her and over the next few years she participated in several retreats in Håå. After living for a while in the ashram in Copenhagen, she decided to move to Håå and join the yoga teacher education.

Mariana is a good cook and responsible for both flowers and pets, thereby creating a pleasant atmosphere at our retreat center. She teaches in the nearby towns.

Carl Gunnar Tunér

Carl Gunnar Tunér was born and raised in Ljungby in south Sweden. During his upbringing, Carl lived an active life and did many sports, but by and by his focus shifted more to music.
Carl was inspired spontaneously to learn to meditate, and in the fall of 2013 he participated in his first course at the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School. After spending time both as a participant in the school´s different courses and retreats and as a volunteer at Håå Retreat Center, the desire to intensify the work with himself grew, and Carl moved into the ashram in Håå to begin the yoga teacher education.

Franz Jervidalo

originally comes from Northern Jutland in Denmark. He lived in Sweden for seven years, where he taught at the school in Stockholm and traveled around the country teaching weekend courses. In 1985 he moved to Copenhagen and is now in charge of the school there.

Franz has 30 years experience teaching yoga and meditation, and he teaches many different types of students including athletes, gymnastics instructors and health sector employees. Franz moreover runs courses for companies, training them in yoga and meditation in daily life to prevent stress.


Agnidharacomes from Finland. She has practised yoga since the end of the eighties when she studied to become, and worked as a conservator. In 1995 she participated in the 3-month course, after which she started the yoga teacher training – exchanging the maintenance of the material tradition with that of the spiritual.

After having lived at the course center in Haa and the school in Copenhagen for many years, she now lives in Helsinki in Finland, where she started teaching in the fall of 2007.

Swami Bháwaná Murti

grew up in Denmark. He worked as a gardener for a number of years, until he was introduced to Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School in 1973.
After years of on and off yoga, he decided to attend a meditation course (Antar Mauna) in 1979. This inspired him so much that he moved into the ashram in Copenhagen.

After completing the Three Month Course in 1980, he started his yoga teacher training and remained in Haa for the next few years.
Since then, he has taught yoga and meditation throughout Scandinavia. He now lives in Copenhagen and is busy teaching specialty classes such as eye yoga, chakra courses, meditation and yoga for companies.
He lives in Lyngby near Copenhagen, where he continues to cultivate his interest in ecology and horticulture. In addition, he is a beekeeper.

Mette Kierkgaard

Mette Kierkgaard was born and raised in Hong Kong. She started using yoga and meditation in 1972 and has been a professional yoga and meditation teacher since 1985.

Mette has taught at the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School in Copenhagen, Oslo and Aarhus and at courses at the Haa Retreat Center. For five years she has run a department of the school in Esbjerg, Denmark.

She now lives in Copenhagen, where she, in addition to teaching the general yoga and meditation courses, has more than 25 years of experience in pregnancy- and postnatal teaching.


GyanashaktiGyanashakti is British, but has spent a large part of her life in Sweden.
In the 1990’s she worked as a physio-therapist with cardiac rehabilitation in Stockholm, which is where she came into contact with Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation school. In 1998 she participated in the three-month retreat at Haa. This was a life-changing experience, and a great shift in perspective – yoga and meditation was working on a more profound level than physio-therapy.

Gyanashakti did the yoga and meditation teacher training, living in Haa, and in the school in Stockholm, for seven years. After an intermittent stay of two years teaching yoga in Oslo, she returned to Britain in 2007, and now teaches in London.

Cecilia Strömbeck

grew up in Stockholm. She first discovered Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School as a high school student, and after having participated in several retreats at Haa Retreat Center, she decided to take part in the yoga teacher training.

Cecilia lived in Haa for a few years and was responsible for the organic farmlands of the retreat center and was a keen participant in the sessions with song and sufi-dance. She is a skilful dancer with interest in traditional dances from different cultures.
Now Cecilia is teaching in yoga, concentration and pregnancy yoga in our school in Copenhagen.


grew up in Trollhättan, in Sweden. While working with sound, music and acoustics in Gothenburg, he started meditating regularly and sought yoga as a complement to his meditation. When he attended an evening course at Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School, he became fascinated by the effect yoga had on both body and mind. He decided to go deeper by attending the 3-month course at Håå Retreat Center.

Vijayananda was greatly influenced by this retreat experience and chose to commence the 4-year full-time education to become a yoga teacher, in order to be able to inspire and spread yoga to others.