Conditions and payment

Håå Retreat Center

Retreat conditions

Food allergy and intolerance

If you have any kind of allergy/intolerance, please let us know in your enrolment.

We will do our best to accommodate your needs, however we cannot guarantee that the food or environment at the center is completely free of allergens.

This applies especially to gluten, as we bake bread in the kitchen, and animal dander as we have cats and sometimes dogs at the center.

Other practical info

Payment terms

Special terms and prices apply for the Three Month Retreat, see further down on the page.

We strongly recommend to make sure that you have travel insurance. Travel insurance can protect you financially and offer peace of mind.

Payment process

After you have submitted the enrolment form you will be redirected to a secure payment page for credit/debit card payment.
The payment will initially show up as a reserved amount in your account.
We will review your enrolment manually before charging your account.

Your will know that your space on the retreat is reserved when a receipt is sent to your email address.

If we for some reason cannot accept your enrolment, we will cancel the payment. No money will be taken from your account.

Reduced price

Reduced price

We offer discounted rates for those who are:

* For those who are 25 or younger, 50% discount applies to all retreats except the Three-Month Sadhana Retreat. There the discount is 20%.

We will ask you to send some type of documentation which proves that you qualify for the reduced price.

This may be, for example:

To get the reduced price for unemployed on the 3-month retreat, it is required that you have been unemployed for at least a month at the time of enrolment. 

Extra costs

During the retreat you will need:

If you do not have this, you can buy it here at the center or in our web shop.

You can bring your own sheets and towel, or rent this for 30 €. Duvet and pillow are available in all rooms.

Food and accommodation is included in the price.

We have single rooms and double rooms. Some rooms have their own bathroom, others share a bathroom.
If you want to make sure that you get a single room with a private bathroom, you can order this for 25 € per night.
If you are coming together with somebody and want to make sure that you are in the same room, you can order a double room for 14 € per night and person.

If you are coming by train/bus to Älmhult or Ljungby, we can pick you up at the station for 200 SEK (approx 20 €).

Other extra costs
Laundry: 25 SEK (2.5 €), 50 SEK with tumble dry (5 €)

Cancellation policy

We accept cancellations through email only.

The terms below apply for all retreats except the Three Month Retreat:

The same terms apply for rebooking as for cancellation.


If you have to cancel a retreat before it starts due to you or a close relative becoming seriously ill, we can refund 75% of the retreat price. This is valid regardless of when you cancel and requires that you can provide a doctor's certificate.

After arrival

The retreat price cannot be refunded after the start of the retreat, neither in part nor in full, regardless of when and why you choose to leave a retreat.

We reserve the right to dismiss students who do not follow the retreat conditions above, without reimbursement. 

Schedule changes

We reserve the right to cancel or change the dates for a retreat. If a retreat is cancelled or moved to a date that does not suit you, we can refund you the full retreat fee.

Payment terms for the Three Month Retreat

The following prices apply for the Three Month Retreat:

Bedding: 90 €
Single room: 15 € per night
Double room: 8.5 € per night and person

Part payment

We offer part payment plans for the Three Month Retreat. Contact us for more details.

Health certificate

As a participant on the 3-Month retreat you need to provide a health certificate with information about your physical and mental condition. Please arrange a doctor's examination in October and send us a scan of the certificate latest November 1 (or as soon as possible if enrolling later).

Cancellation policy for the Three Month Retreat

  • For cancellations made earlier than 90 days before the start of the retreat, we can refund 75% of the retreat price.
  • For cancellations made between 90 and 30 days before start of the retreat, we can refund 50% of the retreat price.
  • We cannot provide any refund for cancellations later than 30 days before the start of the retreat.

Apart from this all the same terms apply for the Three Month Retreat as for our other retreats.