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Do you want to go deeper - and find joy in authentic yoga and meditation?

Haa Retreat Center, founded in 1972, is internationally known for the in-depth and comprehensive teaching we offer here.

Retreat participants mostly come from Europe and Scandinavia, although some travel from Asia, Australia and America, to take part in the unique training.

It is the desire to explore oneself and our way of teaching that inspires and motivates people to enroll to our retreats.

Our retreats are designed for both beginners to yoga and meditation as well as advanced students who have practiced for many years.

You may be surprised at the extent of the course description on these web pages. Not only are you given the structure and content, but as one student commented, more information is provided about yoga and meditation than you will find in many books.

The detailed course description is provided specifically to ensure that you are clear about the retreat programs and the requirements. So we ask you to please read the whole description.

“I have chosen to use the rich tantric tradition, both for myself as an individual and in my teaching. It contains strong and effective methods. They sustain my energy to act and my ability to experience.

Instead of confining my mind to an unfruitful, critical attitude, I have learned to raise it to a receptive and creative level. This is a basic attitude in Tantra, which is expressed in some of the meditations. You can accept life and live it fully your way. At the same time you can intervene and act, and change things where it is possible and necessary.”

(Swami Janakananda, Founder of the School.)

Our teaching is, first of all, set up in a practical way. You come because you want to gain experience and results. Your full participation in the course process ensures this. Relevant theory is included in lectures and individual advice is also given when necessary, so that you can enjoy the benefits fully.

However, you don’t spend all your time in the meditation hall. The surrounding countryside of southern Sweden contributes to making your stay at Haa rich and varied. You can stroll in the forest, observe the wildlife, canoe or swim in the lake.

Our wood-fuelled Finnish sauna is prepared for you once a week and you have the opportunity to float in the pyramid to enhance your learning.

“It is now two days since we left the course and I still have an elated and self-contradictory feeling of supercharged energy and deep inner calm.” (Student from Israel)

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