Haa Retreat Center

Haa Retreat Center, Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School in South Sweden may very well be the place where you, the first time in your life, experience authentic yoga and the deep effect it can have. Our teachers have a long experience of practicing and teaching yoga.

The center is run by the yoga teachers, aspirants and ashramites who live there at any given time. Here we have our yoga teacher seminars and other yoga and meditation retreats – and we offer evening courses in the nearby towns. Teachers from our sister schools come regularly and teach here in Haa and help in running the center.

Haa Retreat Center is also an ashram, a ‘yoga workshop’; a protected, creative and inspiring environment, a place where you can live and work, during a longer or shorter period of your life, while doing yoga and meditation in company and alone – and if you wish, you can be trained to become a yoga and meditation teacher by joining our yoga teacher education.

Where do you find us?

The school is a non-profit organization and is free of any commercial, political or religious interest.

In 1970, the Danish yogi, Swami Janakananda, founded the first Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School in Copenhagen. In 1972, he founded Haa Retreat Center.

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