Yoga and Me

The quotes below are from the article Yoga and Me, by Janna Fox  who participated in a 10 day retreat at Haa Retreat Center.

“Yoga has fast become a bit of a new wave fad. Scores of yoga teachers have popped up all over selling the perfect yoga bod, vegan shake and open hips that most people at some point in their lives wish to attain. We’ve all seen the constant flood of perfectly tanned contorted bodies following one another on Instagram often in what seem like quite inconvenient locations for practising yoga. But what these posts don’t generally tell us is that Yoga is not just about holding an incredibly difficult pose, it can be a very valuable aid to life especially in this heightened modern world and offers relief from the one thing the human condition can’t seem to control; the mind.”

“As we cleaned out our rooms on the last day I couldn’t help feel sad. It was over and I might never see my yogic family of the last ten days again. But we shared a magnificent experience and saw things that will connect us forever, not as a post on Facebook or a picture on Instagram but as a genuine human experience that sometimes feels hard to find. What resonates the most with me is that each and every person I met in those ten days taught me something; I may not have wanted to hear it or even been looking for it but they all did and they helped me through my time there in their own ways.”

The whole article can be found at The New Establishment