Yoga and Ashram-life Retreat

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In karma yoga, you do not talk about love, neither do you demand love as an ideal someone else should live up to. Karma yoga is an act of love. – Swami Janakananda

This 6 day Yoga and Ashram-life retreat is open for you who have completed at least one yoga and meditation retreat (weekend or longer) at Haa Retreat Center.

You arrive Monday afternoon between 4-6 pm and the retreat ends at 1 pm on Sunday. The course fee is kept to a minimum (see the retreat schedule) – and those who have just participated in the previous Weekend retreat get a rebate.

During these 6 days, you devote yourself to the ashram life.

The retreat is based on karma yoga in the sense that you take part in tasks that need to be done on the fields, in the kitchen, cleaning, repairing and so on. However, this is only part of what is going on. Just as important for the ashram life is your practice of yoga and meditation. We spend time in the meditation hall with guided yoga classes every morning – and before noon with yoga nidra deep relaxation and meditation before noon. There is free time part of the afternoons and in the evenings where we meet for sufi dance, meditation, kirtan or satsang.

Retreat Schedule


The Haa Ashram

A group of individuals is living at Haa Retreat Center all year round and they make possible the retreats and courses. This community is called ashram – a ‘yoga workshop’ – a disciplined and creative environment, which you can make use of for an inspiring stay, that supports your sadhana (to work with oneself in a yogic way).

People who have participated in a 10-day retreat or longer, at Haa Retreat Center, often live in the ashram for a period (free of cost) in order to join the ashram life behind one or more retreats.

To be an ashramite behind a one-month Kriya Yoga Retreat and a three-month Sadhana Retreat, however, you must have participated as a student in either one of these retreats.

The ashram is a place where you can live and do karma yoga, during longer or shorter periods of your life, and where you practise yoga and meditation together with others or alone. You can also participate in some of the guided meditation classes and other activities on the retreats. Here in Haa you can learn the art of working with yourself without becoming introverted or self-obsessed.

The yoga and meditation teacher training in Haa has the ashram as its base. You can choose to join our education program if you wish, to live in the ashram for a longer period and share the yoga, that has become yours, with others.