The meditation Source of Energy

The mind doesn't stop, so why fight with it and get frustrated? Learn to bypass it by using a method that causes the mind to calm down by itself. This is when you have the opportunity to indeed rest, in yourself.
(Swami Janakananda)

In the meditation Source of Energy, you use a breath that is deep, calm and harmonious, this form of breathing strengthens and purifies you. You release unconscious tension, bound in the normal breathing and thus in the nervous system. This gives you clarity and energy. Using a mental mantra, your state is deepened further and the mind gets concentrated.

If you use the Source of Energy for about half an hour daily, you will discover a deep calm and surplus energy - which affects the rest of your day.

We progress gradually and systematically through the learning process. The teaching is experiential, but supplemented with a little theory.

The Source of Energy (also called Little Ajapa Japa) belongs to the Kriya Yoga tradition. Its effect may well satisfy your needs, but may also inspire you to move on to the meditation Ajapa Japa that we teach on a 10- og 14-day retreat at the Haa Retreat Center, and eventually to the most advanced form, the great Kriya Yoga.

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On all courses that include the Source of Energy we also the teach deep relaxation Yoga Nidra. In some of these courses we also include yoga postures and breathing exercises.

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